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Chuck-E-CheeseWhen a Cowan Costume comes to life, so does your bottom line. Custom made mascot costumes are a low-cost solution to building revenues and a unique way to get attention and generate smiles. Our custom mascot costumes help you gain visibility, valuable name recognition, increase profits and stimulate growth.

That’s why it’s easy to see how effective advertising can go from dull and ordinary to fun and exciting!

By using our mascot costume design services, our clients are able to seize every opportunity to communicate their message, promote their business and build brand awareness, all through the use of custom made mascot costumes. And we have success stories to prove it.

Get ready to boost your company’s image and get into a character costume today!

Bring Your Brand to Life

  • We’ll customize any of our stock characters to make them your own.
  • We’ll recreate, refurbish, or improve your existing mascot.
  • We’re experts in mass production.
  • We offer quantity discounts.
  • All costume characters are designed with special attention to cosmetic appeal, performer comfort, and easy maintenance.
  • Every mascot includes a fan-unit, cooling vest, carrying bag, and operator’s manual as standard features.
  • Our 100% quality guarantee is the best in the business.
  • All of our costume design services are performed in-house insuring total quality control.
  • Our custom mascot costumes are built to last giving you the most for your advertising dollar.
  • Our skilled craftspeople create mascot costumes to your specifications capturing every detail.
  • Our R&D Department keeps us a step ahead of the rest.

Producing The Highest Quality Costumes

A strong code of ethics, passion for what we do, superior craftsmanship, and guaranteed client satisfaction is the foundation on which our company was built and will forever remain the hallmark of Cowan Costumes, Inc. Our 100% quality guarantee is the best in the industry.

Simply put, why go anywhere else? Cowan Costumes can help you with all your custom made mascot costumes needs.

While you are visiting our website, be sure to view our portfolio of mascot costumes that we have created. These custom mascots were created for companies large and small. Businesses worldwide choose Cowan Costumes for their costume characters. You may even recognize many of the costume character mascots you see on these pages!

Mascots & Costume Characters

Worldwide Service

Our costume characters can be found in China, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia, Panama, Guatemala, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Venezuela, Mexico, Kuwait, and throughout the United States.

Cowan Costumes has been the official supplier of all Chuck E. Cheese characters since 1986. We have worked closely with CEC Entertainment, Inc.® over the years to provide new products, designs and manufacturing techniques.

We are honored to be the official supplier of Fantastic Fuzzy for Fantastic Sam’s Family Haircutters®. Currently there are approximately 140 Fantastic Fuzzy’s in use nationwide and in Canada.

We have had the pleasure of working with Frito Lay® on several exciting projects. Those projects include the creation of: 400 Ruffles Potato Chip Bag costumes, 250 Chester Cheetah children’s costumes, 340 Cheetos Brand Chester Cheetah costume characters, and 126 Sailor Jack characters used in promoting Frito Lay’s Cracker Jack brand product.

Chris P. Chicken, the official mascot of KFC®, was designed and built by Cowan Costumes. Chris is used by franchise and corporate stores across the country to enhance their promotion efforts.

ASAP Event Advertising commissioned Cowan Costumes to build 10 Pringles potato chip cans for Procter and Gamble. We animated the mouths of these characters so they sing the Pringles jingle. The characters are used in all eight Six Flags Theme Parks across the country.

These are just five of the many businesses with whom Cowan Costumes, Inc. has worked with to help expand their marketing, promotions and public relations campaigns. But don’t take our word for it, see what some of our clients have to say about us.

The service we have received from Cowan is always prompt and the staff could not be more friendly and helpful. Reptile Gardens has over 300,000 visitors each year and our costumes get a real workout. Given the abuse our costumes take, it is obvious Cowan products are of high quality. I am certain we will look to Cowan for our next costume!

Virginia Garrigan Black Hills Reptile Gardens, Inc.

Any change or variation in your trademarks is touchy business. So, going from a two dimensional graphic to a three dimensional representation of your company’s icon is cause for concern. I am pleased to say that Cowan Costumes made it a non-issue. They had the expertise and talent to recreate a walk-about version of “Packy”, our company icon, that we could be proud of. I would highly recommend Cowan as a first rate operation.

Michael Sawitz AIM Mail Centers

The character’s appearance is an exact replica of the character in the book where Pete the Dog originated. The extra features of the ice pack belt and cooling fan have been really useful at our visibility events. The manual that accompanies the costume has come in handy by allowing us to properly care for the costume. This costume has made a lasting impression with adults and children who attend out events. They often comment on the high quality and professional craftsmanship of the costume. I would highly recommend your business to others.

Johnna Cooper-Daniels JAX KIDS!

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