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Custom Mascot Design Services

A custom made mascot costume from Cowan Costumes is a low-cost solution to building revenues and a unique way to get attention and generate smiles. Our custom character costumes help you gain visibility, valuable name recognition, increase profits and stimulate growth. That’s why it’s easy to see how effective advertising can go from dull and ordinary to fun and exciting!

Mascot Costume Design

Production time for most custom mascot costumes is 8-10 weeks for single character projects. However, it varies...

Stock Mascot Costumes

While our specialty is custom, made to order mascots, we do offer a small line of stock...

Costume Character Maintenance

We offer costume maintenance and refurbishment services for all of our characters as well as those made...

Character Program Management

Cowan Costumes can help you alleviate the hassles of storing and shipping your costume characters to various...

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